Limited Edition: The Decorator's White ToolBox is Here!
We’re thrilled to reveal that we’re launching our Decorator’s WHITE ToolBox, now available for pre-order!  Traditional red toolboxes can move aside, there’s a new toolbox in town. But wait, it’s not just a box. It’s packed with everything you need to hang stuff on your walls! Just see for yourself.

What’s inside? 

This toolbox is filled with everything you need to hang picture frames, canvases, clocks, mirrors, posters, kids’ art, calendars, and more. It even comes with a handy dandy hammer too.

About the toolbox

Our Decorator’s White ToolBox blends perfectly with any décor. You won’t be embarrassed to have it lying around the house. It'll always be handy, and you no longer have to keep it in the garage or basement. It’s both pretty and functional. 

Who is it for?

This toolbox makes the ultimate gift for someone who just bought a house, moved into their first apartment, someone who just renovated, or the artist or art collector. In any case, they’ll need to hang stuff up, so why not give them a hand?

DIY art

     Wow! That’s a lot of stuff in one box and the lid still closes! 

    Gift-giving is even easier when no wrapping is involved. Just look how pretty it is with a simple bow! Why hide its beauty? Besides, the best surprise is what's on the inside.


    If you want to snag that perfect gift for family or friends for the holidays, start shopping now. Pre-order the toolbox today and it'll ship to you in mid-November! Don’t miss out! Limited quantities available.

    Curious about what Decorator tool we used to hang this frame with the pretty lady? See all the details right here.

    We’ve been counting down the days for this gorgeous toolbox to come out and we’re finally here. What are you waiting for?


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