Kid’s art – Clutter or Masterpieces?

According to the article, “What Kind of Clutterer Are You?” in the March issue of O Magazine, I learned that I’m a “Sentimental Clutterer/Family Historian”. I have no problem getting rid of all the clothes and toys my kids don’t need anymore, but what I do with their art is a different story.

Everyday, my kids – just like all children – would bring home masterpieces they’d made at school. Up it would go on the fridge to be proudly displayed until the next day when it would get replaced by a new masterpiece.  We’d toss or recycle most of this art, but we also saved some. We decided to have our favorite pieces professionally framed and hung them throughout the house so we could continue to enjoy them. It’s amazing how proud the kids were to see their artwork showcased for everyone to see.

As parents, our “sentimental” plan is to give our now grown daughters their framed masterpieces when they have their own place. They’ll have their very own art collection to proudly decorate their walls with.

Now that they’re both away at university, I miss all the drawings and paintings they used to bring home every day. I guess the next masterpieces we’ll proudly frame will be their university degrees.

Liette Tousignant, founder of UTR Decorating

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