Handy Tools Every College Kid Should Have

all the essential tools college aged kids should have when moving away from home

A back to school supply list for elementary students usually means coloured pencils, spiral-bound or composition notebooks, three-ring binders, glue sticks, scissors and a Disney-themed of backpack. With high school, it’s all about the clothes and how cool they look in front of their friends. But for university or college kids, you need to think about the things they need to decorate either a dorm room or first apartment, and that’s the stage my daughters are at.

Parents with college-age kids can certainly relate to this picture. This our garage, filled with stuff my kids will need for their school year(s).  Everything will need to fit either in a car or will need to be carefully boxed and shipped by bus or airfreight to its destination.

Give college age kids a tool kit to help them settle into their dorm room or into their first apartment

Fast-forward to the apartment where the kids will start living the student life, after they unpack, get organized, and decorate their space.  I gave my kids all the tools they’d need to hang things like clocks, memo boards, canvases, small decorative frames, and mirrors. I also included tools to help put together basic furniture like bookshelves, desks and filing cabinets.

Their tool kit included:

I put all the tools in a large ziplock bag which makes it easy to find at the bottom of a drawer, a suitcase, or a closet and doesn’t take much space.

Essential tools to give to kids heading off to College

I’m happy to report that after living in dorm rooms and three apartments they still have the tools I gave them when they first left home. Giving tools is not only practical, there’s a good chance they’ll hold on to them until they purchase their first house. A good investment, I’d say!

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