Boring to Bubbly: How to Dress Up Your Dresser

Has art ever stopped you in your tracks and made you smile? That’s exactly what our girl, Audrey Hepburn does for us. She’s fun, light, and bubbly! If you’ve grown tired of the neutrals around your house, don’t be afraid to inject a little color in your life. It’s super easy to do, and now every time we look at our wall, there’s more pep in our step. 

Dress up your dresser

We get it. Decorating your dresser can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Start with a few pieces at a time. Here’s how we went from bare and boring to all dressed up!

The first decision can often be the hardest one: choosing what to hang and the color scheme. We knew we wanted Audrey Hepburn to be the star of the show and pulled inspiration from the colors of her canvas for the rest of the gallery.

If you have a large dresser like us, one canvas was not enough to fill our space, so we tested different pieces and realized three canvases looked best.

Next, you need to figure out the spacing between your canvases. You don’t want too much or too little spacing, and the key to finding what’s right is through trial and error. A helpful tip is to lay out all your pieces on the floor and to arrange accordingly. This way you can avoid putting extra holes in your wall if you make mistakes. Visit our blog post on how to build a floor display for more info.

Installing CanvasHangers™

Forget about the hooks and nails. CanvasHangers are specifically designed to hang canvases of all different sizes. All the magic happens on the back of the canvas. Although you can’t see it, these little hangers do all the heavy lifting. We used two CanvasHangers per canvas. 

  1. Have your canvas facing rightside up.

  2. Flip your canvas over to the backside.

  3. Place a hanger on the top corner of the canvas and hammer in the nails.

  4. Place the other hanger on the other top corner and hammer in the nails.

Don’t forget which side of your canvas is the top and the bottom when installing CanvasHangers! We’ve definitely had our fair share of upside down canvases from installing them on the wrong ends. 

Pro tip: The beauty of abstract work is that it can be displayed any way you want. This floral piece we have can be hung vertically or horizontally and it wouldn’t matter! Check out our blog post on abstract art.

How to hang each canvas

Step 1: Determine the height

Like we mentioned before, spacing between canvases is all about trial and error. Finding the right height is no different. You can see how we tested different heights before finding the perfect one. In the left image here, our floral piece was too high so we continued to move it down until we found the best height. Knowing what you'll display on the dresser also helps determine the height. ie. tall objects, lamps, etc. 

Step 2:  Use SpacingStrips™ in between canvases

We marked the center of the dresser with two SpacingStrips, which are 2” long each (so 4” total). We hung our floral canvas first and lined it up with the SpacingStrips on the wall. Then we lined Audrey with the bottom of the floral piece. 

Step 3: Place and push canvases into wall

Once you’ve installed the CanvasHangers on the back of your canvases and have figured out the right spacing with SpacingStrips, place, level and push each piece into the right spot. It’s super quick and easy!

Note: sometimes the top of canvases are not always straight. Pay attention to how some can warp. When levelling, check that the bubble in your level is straight and take a step back and double check with your eyes to confirm.

Watch the step-by-step video on how we hung each canvas.

Look how flush against the wall the canvases are hanging. That’s all in a few seconds’ work of CanvasHangers! No need to fuss with D-rings, wires, or sawtooth hooks.

Step 4: Happy House canvas

Our last canvas, Happy House, came with two sawtooth hooks. Rather than using CanvasHangers with this one, we used Hang & Level™ and two DécoNails to hang this piece. See our other blog post on how to hang pictures the easy way.


The key to styling is seeing what the main colours of your art and furniture are. Since our dresser is white and comes with brass knobs, it was a no brainer to match our décor with white and brass items. This whole look is feminine, dainty, and pretty - just like Audrey. Notice the pearl necklace? It’s the classic Audrey staple.

Did you know that blue is a mood enhancer? The soft blues in the canvases create a calming effect on the psyche, so every time we see it we feel more at peace. And no, we’re not just making that up. Color psychology goes a long way in the decorating business! Just think how useful having blues would be in your bedroom or office.

Tools used

You’ll have no problem ditching your old canvas hanging ways since CanvasHangers are so quick and easy to use. Shop online for them today and start putting together the space you’ve dreamed of! And just between us, we don’t think we’ve ever been able to blow such a big bubble. Have you? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for hanging around!


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