A Stoppy™ Review – Good for Bookshelves Too!

A few weeks ago we handed over a couple of Stoppy™ door stops to our friend Carli B. Carli hadn’t seen the product before, and much to our delight, a few days later, sent in the review of the product posted below. You can check out some more of Carli’s great writing at her new blog called “Lavish – eating your heart out in Calgary” [link].

If you’re at all like me, some poor shoe of yours has fallen victim to the old ‘hold the door open’ routine. We’ve all been there, and we all have our reasons for why we didn’t just cave and purchase a good old-fashioned doorstopper. My reason? They’re unsightly! I didn’t want some old wooden wedge sitting around my front entry looking homely and scratching my hardwood floors in the process. Sadly, this continual refusal to purchase a doorstopper unfortunately doomed my precious shoe collection to double duty: look fabulous and hold a door open when necessary

That was, until, I came across the Stoppy! This little tool is the first doorstopper I’ve encountered that is totally functional and completely pleasant to look at! It’s super affordable, comes in several different colors to accommodate decor, has a soft, rubbery surface so it doesn’t scratch floors, and it’s use goes far beyond just being a doorstopper. So far, my uses for the Stoppy include: a doorstopper for when I bring my groceries in through the garage, a flexible little wedge to keep my windows open, a doorstopper for doors on the upper level of my home (When I have windows open upstairs, a draft runs through my house that tends to slam at least one door shut a day…but thanks to Stoppy, no longer!), a doorstopper for my Jeep (Jeeps don’t have spring-loaded doors, they’re just attached by regular hinges for easy removal and tend to swing around in the wind. With the Stoppy, I simply wedge my Jeep doors open and can quickly and efficiently unload my car without worrying about the door constantly shutting on me.), and finally, my most exciting use for the Stoppy so far, is as a funky and flexible book end!

The Stoppy is a great product I highly recommend. It’s a cute little addition to my home that serves multiple purposes without the look of something that is totally functional and not at all aesthetic. Thanks to the Stoppy, my shoes have been released from double duty and can now focus exclusively on being fabulous, because now, I have a fabulous little tool to take care of the rest.

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