4 Things to Give to Kids Headed Off to College

4 handy college items: screwdriver, scissors, hammer, doorstop

Parents, do you want your kids to make friends on their very first day of college? Forget the fancy clothes — give them these tools!  As the mom of two daughters who went through college, the best thing I’ve done was to arm them with the right tools for setting up their own place. Not only did these handy college items make unpacking and settling in a breeze, it helped them make friends with their new roommates, neighbours, and others on the dorm floor who found out about their tools.

1.  Scissors (the grown-up kind, not the kids’ size)

2.  Doorstops like our cute Stoppy

3.  A small hammer such as the Déco Hammer

4.  A flat head screwdriver

Scissors: Use them to cut the double layers of tape mom and dad used to secure the boxes that were shipped off to school. This is much better than using keys or a credit card (especially if it’s mom and dad’s). Note: don’t pack the tools in the boxes, pack them in a suitcase with your kid’s clothes as they’ll need them to get into their boxes.

Doorstops: My kids moved to the 14th floor of their building and although there was an elevator, they had four sets of doors to keep open from the main entrance to their residence apartment. Having the doors propped open made it super easy to move boxes, bikes, suitcases, kitchen stuff, and books. The stops can also be used for safety — once the apartment of the dorm room is locked, place a couple of Stoppys in front of the door to prevent anyone from opening the door from the outside.

A flat head screw driver and a small hammer: There’s no need for a full-size carpenter’s hammer, but it’s guaranteed that your kids will end up buying inexpensive furniture that will need gentle assembly. Usually that means using a hammer and a screwdriver.

The hammer also can be used to tap pushpins into hard surfaced walls to secure posters and class schedules. Nails and screws are usually not allowed, as they make bigger holes in walls.

Finally, write your daughter or son’s name on the tools with a Sharpie or permanent marker. It may sound childish, but these tools will be in high demand so you want to make sure they come back to your kids.

Don’t fuss over finding the perfect case for these tools, a large ziplock bag will do the trick. It’s see-through, easy to find at the bottom of a drawer, a suitcase, or a closet and doesn’t take much space.

Hope this helps!

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